Pray for Paris

Hi everyone , so as most of you have probably already heard there was a terrorist attack in Paris last night. I am so shocked and speechless about what happened and my heart truly goes out to all the families and friends that lost someone yesterday. 

I’m a teenager so seeing and hearing things like this on the news truly terrifies me because this is the sort of society that we have to grow up in and it’s not right. This was a sociopathic act that is so vile and disgraceful and I really don’t understand how anyone can take an innocent persons life just like that. 

In times as dark as these though it is nice how countries all came together to show respect for Paris when Paris went dark and other places lit up in the colours of Paris’ flag. It’s amazing to see how we can all come together to grieve and honour the innocent lifes that have been taken away it’s just so heartbreaking that it was caused through terrorism – the way we all came together after the event proves that there is ways that we can live in peace and respect all countries so it really does baffle me as to why terrorism is a thing , life would be so much better , happier and calmer without it. 

R.I.P to everyone who lost their lifes 👼 And I feel like hugging everyone that lost someone no one deserves the horror that happened yesterday 💖💖💖


Fundraising for children in need 

Hey everybody 🌸🌺 Today at school it was my year groups turn to raise money for children in need – we have a competition between all the year groups to see who can raise the most money. 

As apart of the voice (the student council) for my year group we decided to do a massive bake sale so i’m going to show you all the different things that we baked.


These are some plain digestive biscuits that I decorated and they were actually nice. 

And then me and my friend tried to make rainbow cupcakes and ended up with this bright green thing which actually tastes a lot nicer then it looks it just tastes pretty sugary.

This is what the rainbow buns turned out like so I suppose they came out okayish?

Then we made loads of brownies but seen as me and my friends are a teeny bit stupid we tried to get the brownie out of the tray by tipping it upside down on the metal tray bar thingy and slowly all the brownie just fell out and got ruined 😂 I was so gutted 😂 but when we did all of the selling today the brownies sold out the quickest.

Then there was the rainbow cake that we tried to make and we had it in the oven for about half an hour and it was just like a pool of jiggly slop it was such a fail and unfortunately we was unable to fix it.

And then we had the classic chocolate rice krispie buns that we made.

And then because we had so much pink icing and rice krispies left we decided it was a good idea to mix those together …. Yeah those tasted disgusting 😹

Then there was the attempt at trying to cover the green buns because they look horrid whilst they’re green so we tried to cover it but the green was still obvious. 

On the brightside though we sold out of everything and we had loads we had four long tables just full of baking goodies on sale and i’m counting the money up tomorrow to see how much we raised so i’m quite excited to find out how much we managed to raise. 

That’s all for today everyone , toodlepip 🌺💖

Fundraising ideas

As you all probably know already “Children in need” is coming up soon and that’s a time where I think it’s good for us all to try and raise a bit of money for charity. At my school we have this student leadership program called ‘the voice’ From each year group there is a group of students that are apart of ‘the voice’ – I am apart of it and I am also the director for my year group which basically means that in a way I am the ‘chairmen (chairwomen in my case)’. As apart of being on the voice something that I do enjoy getting the year group to take part in is fundraising. We’ve come up with a whole load of fundraising ideas recently and I thought that I would share some with you all so as that then it also gives you some ideas for if you ever decide to do some fundraising but are stuck for ideas.

  1. Sponsored run – you would be surprised at how much money actually gets raised by doing this. There are quite a few different ways to set up a sponsored run so you can create it however you want to and then all the money earned can then be donated to a charity of your choice.
  2. Money jars – this is a really simple idea. All that you gotta do is leave money jars in places and ask people to leave any loose change that they don’t want/need into the jars and then you can add it all up and donate it to charity. Even though the majority of the time it’s only like 5p’s that get put in the jars it all soon adds up quickly.
  3. Themed non-uniform days – this is more of an idea that can be used in schools. You can either just have the students come to school in their regular clothes or you can set a theme for the students to follow. This raises money because whenever the students have non-uniform they would also bring in £1 which will get donated. At my school there’s just over 1500 students so by simply holding a non-uniform day you can raise a ton of money.
  4. Teddy and toy donation – now this idea doesn’t really raise money but the point behind it is that you get people to bring in their old teddies and toys that they don’t want and they can be donated to children hospitals. I think that this is a lovely idea because even though you won’t be raising money from it you will still be making a child happy if they end up with your old teddies/toys because it’s a gift to them.
  5. Bake sale – This is such an overused idea but it does indeed raise a heck of a lot of money. Just by baking a few batches of buns and cookies and selling them off you can raise a lot of money. I did one of these bake sales for Red nose day and raised £324.57 so they do work out really well.

If you do all of the ideas at the same time then you are bound to raise a massive load of money and you can donate it all to charity. By doing something as simple as this you could be helping to change someones life or help people that need our help.

That’s all that I would like to say for now so i’ll blog you all later and please check out my other blog posts as well and comment your thoughts – I love receiving feedback 🙂

Just be yourself 

So recently I had a slight argument with my best friend over who she is. I was supposed to be moving away but i’m staying where I am now and both me and my friend are really happy about that but when i was actually going to move she started acting differently like she was just completely changing personality and I didn’t like it because she wasn’t being her and she was acting differently just so other people would be friends with her because if I left she wasn’t going to have anyone because apparently no one is as close to her as I am but then again i’ve known her for 11 years so she’s practically a sister to me.
I don’t like the thought that anyone should have to act differently just to get people to like them because if you think about it the people that become friends with you when your not being you there technically not friends with YOU they are friends with the fake you. Whats the point of even putting on a facade? Of course not everyone will like you but it shouldn’t mean that you have to change to make them like you. Wouldn’t you rather only have one or two true friends that will always look out for you even if they can’t be with you all the time than have a million friends that don’t know the first real thing about you?
I’ll be honest i’ve been in the position where I had literally no friends at one point and i tried acting like everybody else to see if it would change anything but the only ‘friends’ I attracted were the type of people that don’t actually care about you and only want to add you into the group of people that stand round them just so they look more popular. If you put yourself through trying to be someone else you’ll only make yourself unhappy. So what i did was i came away from the people that i’d fallen into a group with and I started just being me again and yeah it took a lil while but I socalised with more people and I met people that i’d never even spoken to before because I didn’t even know they exisisted but from meeting them they’ve become some of my closest friends because they were friends with me for me and I can talk to them literally about anything and it makes me really happy knowing that the friendships I have with them aren’t just one way or based on trying to be popular.
This was why i argued with my best friend because she tried changing to fit in but I kept telling her not to because i’ve been there , done that , got the t-shirt and I know it doesn’t end well. So my point is is don’t waste time being someone your not because it really won’t help you in any way, shape or form and if people don’t like you because your different then so what? Being different is good because that makes you who you are and you stand out from the crowd because being normal and being the exact same as other people is boring. Just remember the people that don’t like you for being different only don’t like you because you actually have the guts to stand out and be you and you don’t try to blend in just to please other people and live upto social norms.

Just be yourself and enjoy it 💖


One thing in life that i’ve never understood is why are people homophobic? The word homophobic sounds like it has the word phobia in it which suggests that if you are homophobic then you have some weird fear of people that aren’t attracted to the opposite sex. 

Why? Why are people homophobic? Just because you like someone of the same sex doesn’t change who you are. It doesn’t effect the world that people have fallen in love with people of the same sex. 

Love. Love is the one thing that we all spend our lifes searching for and yet when some people finally find love in someone of the same gender they are judged for it. You can’t help who you fall in love with. 

Another thing I don’t really believe in is being bisexual or pansexual or even just gay in general. I don’t think that people should be labelled based on who they fall in love with. I really don’t think it’s right that if two men or two women fall in love then they are automatically classed as being gay or being lesbians. I don’t think they should be classed as that : I think they should be classed as humans. All they are doing is feeling a human emotion towards someone of the same sex. What’s so abnormal about that? 

Honestly , I cannot see why anyone has a problem with people of the same gender falling in love. I was having this discussion in my maths class a few days ago and there was one girl that was saying she’s homophobic because she thinks it’s weird. What’s so weird about love? 

Love comes in all different forms so why the hell do some people think it’s okay to be rude and discriminate the people who are brave enough to express their love for someone of the same sex? Equality – everyone should be treated equally. Being “gay” doesn’t change who you are because that’s not a characteristic or a quality that’s just a label so so what if somebody is “gay” because that’s not what makes them who they are. 

We are all human. We all feel emotions. We all love something / someone and no one should be judged based on who or what they love.


My hairstyling profile

One of my biggest interests and talents is hairstyling – I am so passionate about it , I just love doing and learning new hair styles. Therefore I have decided that I will show you some of the hairstyles I have done. 

  1.  The triple waterfall braid 
  2.  The fishtail braid 
  3.  The Ladder braid 
  4.  The hook braid (I called it the hook braid because if you look at it it kinda looks like a hook) 
  5.  The side dutch fishtail braid 

How to deal with panic attacks

Panic attacks are very traumatic and scary things to experience. 3 weeks ago was the first time i’d ever had a panic attack but I didn’t just have one I had 5 all within a small time period on the same day. For me it was absolutley terrifying because i’d never had a panic attack before and I didn’t know what to do. One of my friends is prone to having panic attacks and i’ve helped her recover from them before but when it happens to yourself it’s just completely different like you can’t even comprehend what’s happening around you. 

I ended up going to the hospital because of the many panic attacks that I had and they gave me some rather good advice on what the signs are to having a panic attack. 





~ numbness / pins and needles

~heavy , unstable quick breathing
These are all signs of a panic attack about to happen so if you notice this happening to you or to someone else then the best thing to do is to get them in a quiet area away from crowds and get them to focus on there breathing so it doesn’t get out of control or even just get them to focus on something else so as they aren’t thinking about panicking. 

Another thing is that if you get the numbness and pins and needles in places such as your arms and legs then you don’t need to worry about that either. It happened to me and I couldn’t walk or even stand up without help but when I was in the hospital they explained that it isn’t something to worry about and all that is is all the blood and oxygen moving towards your heart and lungs to keep them functioning as your arms and legs don’t need it as much as what your heart and lungs do. 

If you are prone to panic attacks then it would be useful to work out what it is that triggers them to happen for example my friends trigger is when there’s suddenly a really loud noise or she doesn’t have her personal space then it causes her to have a panic attack. Whereas on the other hand there’s me that has never had panic attacks before until then and it could just be a one off sort of thing due to emotional/mental stress ~ that’s what the doctors told me anyway because I had 5 panic attacks on the same day so it can just be phase. 
The most important thing to do when having an attack is to remain calm and focus on controlling your breathing , I know that it is much easier said then done but you really do just have to keep telling yourself that you’re okay and that everything will be fine because in the end you will be okay.

The power of friendship

Sometimes I feel like we take our friends for granted. What is a friend? That’s a question that I feel needs to be answered. So many of us surround ourselfs with loads of people to create that impression that we’re popular that we have loads of ‘friends’ but what actually is a friend? 
To me a friend is someone that will always have your back , is someone that will always be there to catch you and pick you back up when you fall physically and emotionally , is someone that isn’t interested in all the gossip involving you but is interested in how it’s making you feel so they can be there for you. To me a friend isn’t someone who believes in friendship but is someone who believes in family ; a true real friend will just naturally bond and connect with you to the point where you’re practically non blood related twin siblings. 

Friends aren’t the people that only stick around for a while then leave you out to go be friends with someone else , a friend is the person that will never leave you because they value your friendship too much to go off with someone else. Friends are the people that are more than happy to embarrass you in front of people -they aren’t the people that would walk away from you in an embarrassing situation pretending they don’t know you. 

 I think that we sometimes don’t realise who our real friends are until they’re gone. Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to be known and be popular that we befriend everybody and anybody just to get in with the ‘it’ crowd and we leave our true friends behind but then one day you’ll be in need of a friend and there’ll be no one there and you’ll think to yourself ‘I can’t believe I lost my best friend’. That’s why I think we all just need to take a step back sometimes and just think to ourselfs ‘who is it that genuinley cares about me?’ ‘Who is it that is always there to fight for you?’ ‘Who is it that cares so damn much about you that they will actually be heartbroken if you left them to befriend someone else?’ 

My nail art collection 

Going allllllllllllllll the way back to December 2014 back to the good ol’ christmassy winter days and nights. I decided to incorporate the whole christmas time theme into one of my nail art sessions and thus I created a christmas manicure. I’m not entirely sure why the ground is red because i’m pretty sure that snow is not red and if you have ever seen something that looks like snow but is red falling from the sky then I think that it would probably be a wise decision to call Nasa … 
And moving on from the weather related nails … Here are my normal-er nails ; my emoji themed nails 💁💅 Now these nails are by far my favourite nail design that I have ever done they are just soooooooo cute like especially the lil emoji that I did on my pinky finger like that one is so adorable. 

I feel like I didn’t keep you all long enough on the ol’ weather report so i’m bringing you all back to the weather themed nails. Now this design was really simple and even though it was really simple I felt so proud of them they just looked so delicate. This time I did raindrop nails so it looks like there is raindrops on my nails ; In England , as usual , it was raining so I felt inspired to do raindrops. 

Okay Okay i’ll stop with the weather … For now at least. I now present to you my chocolate strawberry nails! I promise you all that i’m not weird i’m just a very creative person. I had a pretty mixed reception about these nails most people loved them then others were just like ‘you’re so weird’ ‘what even are those things?’ And i’m just like yes I know my nails are fabulous.

Those are just four of my favourite nail designs that i’ve done on myself so feel free to tell me which ones you liked or which are your favourite of the four or even which ones you disliked , although it would be a shame if you didn’t like some of them because I think they are all equally fabulous x